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Expired Sodexho coupons – Extension

My Sodexho coupons got expired last month (December). Worried that I might loose the money,I called the Sodexho help line. To my surprise, they said that expiry date is extended by one month (till Jan 31st) and all the outlets have informed about this. Thought might be useful to someone.

4 thoughts on “Expired Sodexho coupons – Extension

  1. Anonymous

    Curious to know if you were able to use your coupons past the expiry date.
    I'm having the same issue with the coupons this year and planning to give it a try to see if they are accepted.

  2. Anonymous

    just checked with Sodexo rep. Prashant More (93222 76780) and he confirmed that coupons expired Dec 2010 are valid for jan 2011 and all merchant outlets have been made aware :) YAY.. saved 2200 :) :)

  3. Jain

    My sodexo coupons got expired on 31/12/2014 worth rs.1100. can anyone please help me with the procedure to extend the validity of the sodexo coupons. Thanks in advance

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